Young Parents Rush To The Bedroom For Their Weekly 8:00am ‘Bluey Root’ — The Betoota Advocate

Young Parents Rush To The Bedroom For Their Weekly 8:00am 'Bluey Root' — The Betoota Advocate


Times have certainly changed for one young couple in Betoota Grove.

As former partiers, Jenny and Bryce Rookwood are now operating on an entirely different schedule to when they first met… Back in the all-or-nothing days of Tame Impala and spicy margaritas.

Once upon a time, 8:00am at Saturday was a chance for the two of them to finally get some decent sleep – that’s if they weren’t just getting home from a night on the tiles.

But after a big wedding, dream renovations, and three hyperactive kids in ten years… Those days are over. 8:00 Saturday morning has become the most important half hour of the week.

Nowadays, the sands of time are much more valuable. There are no more impulsive blow-outs, there are no more random weekends in Melbourne, there are NO just-one-more drinks.

With their children ranging from recently-verbal toddlers to early primary school age, Jenny and Bryce run this household like a naval base – everything is accounted for. They’ve done this by redirecting their once commendable abilities to plan and execute house parties, and are instead organising first birthdays and christenings.

While the two of them are well and truly hooked on this exciting journey into parenthood, one that was accelerated by the pandemic lockdowns, they also can’t help but think back to the days when they could knock boots whenever they felt like.

Unfortunately, now it’s 8:00am Saturday or nothing. If they miss their Bluey Root, then they can rule out any private intimacy for another week.

The term ‘Bluey Root’ entered the Australian vernacular in late 2018, and is used to describe the precious half hour that young parents have each week to get a leg over.

Unknown to most Australian children is the fact that while they are glued to their TV screens watching the weekly Saturday morning broadcast of hit ABC TV show ‘Bluey’ – their parents are treating each others bodies like amusement parks in the master bedroom.

In Jenny and Bryce’s household this Saturday morning, it’s now ore never.

As the TV blares with the the kooky voices of those humorous cartoon dogs from Brissy, these parents are rushing the bedroom like Cathy in 2000.

“Now fly, Chunky!” Jenny yells at her husband, as she makes a dive for the bed.

Author: Stephen Bailey