“Wow This Is Literally The Best Door Ever Invented Put It On My Home Now!” Says Sunshine Coast Man — The Betoota Advocate

"Wow This Is Literally The Best Door Ever Invented Put It On My Home Now!" Says Sunshine Coast Man — The Betoota Advocate

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A man from Queensland’s Amalfi Coast has been blown away by the number of options he has for his new front door, which is set to be placed on the front of his new home in just a few weeks.

With his defacto life partner Penelope by his side and 38-month-old moocher Liam following close behind, Jim Taddeo had a site inspection this morning with his barely solvent builder to discuss the finishing touches of the new home.

After pointing out where they want dimmer switches and what type of finish they want on the mudroom floor, the builder Kip Moles told his clients the next thing they had to choose was one of the most important.

“I love giving my clients the big catalogue from Doors Plus. They get so excited,” he said.

“It makes me get up in the morning, you know? Happy clients.”

After turning to page one, Kip saw Jim’s jaw drop.

“Holy fuck,” Jim said softly.

“This is literally the best door ever invented. Put it on my house immediately.”

The door Jim selected was a natural timber frame door with half a dozen or so horizontal windows in it. It can be finished in any colour or stain, says Kip.

“Lo and behold, I had the very door that Jim picked out on site. It was wrapped in plastic in the garage. You should’ve seen the excitement. Penelope’s eyes rolled out of her head and I’m pretty sure the kid shit himself,” said Kip.

Jim started sweating.

“Holy fuck, dude. Fuck. Can I have it in arctic white? Fuck dude, just put it on my house,” he said.

“This is the greatest door in the world.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey