Woke Girlfriend Of 3rd Grade Prop Tells The Big Fella That His Coach’s Fat-Shaming Is NOT Okay — The Betoota Advocate

Woke Girlfriend Of 3rd Grade Prop Tells The Big Fella That His Coach's Fat-Shaming Is NOT Okay — The Betoota Advocate


The Betoota Mutts are dealing with some strong allegations about their culture, after being soft cancelled this week.

The foundation club here in the Channel Country is trying to hose down public allegations that they have been ‘fat shaming’ some of their players in pre-season.

Those claims come from the girlfriend of 3rd grade flake Aaron Austin, who says the treatment of her hunk is completely unacceptable.

“Babe, that’s fat shaming,” explained Clarissa Weston, after hearing how her boyfriend was abused for refusing to finish one of the fitness drills.

With the pyscho old 4th grade coach who dusts off the boots once or twice a season despite being the ripe old age of 56 even getting involved in the shuttle runs, Austin apparently informed the playing group that he was busting and could feel something in his hammy.

That caused him to peel off to the side while everyone else at the club went through the motions of a gruelling pre-season fitness session.

With a couple of chirps from the old coach about being a ‘fat cunt,’ Austin reportedly held firm on his decision to pull out.

After relaying that story back to his girlfriend, Austin was then informed that how problematic the culture was inside the football club – and he really shouldn’t be putting up with that.

“They should respect your boundaries, and they should be abusing you because you don’t confirm to their drills,” she said.

“It’s seriously not on.”

She has since advised him not to attend training until he receives a formal apology.

The club have yet to respond to the allegations, but it’s believed Austin may be copping a few more sprays when he returns to training.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey