“What’s For Dinner?” Asks Housemate As If There’s Something On The Stove At 8:30PM On Friday Night — The Betoota Advocate

"What's For Dinner?" Asks Housemate As If There's Something On The Stove At 8:30PM On Friday Night — The Betoota Advocate

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Letting out the occasional quip as they watch a truly awful action movie, the residents of the 82 Hawthorne street household are enjoying a not so quiet night in.

The ‘not so quiet’ part being that all four of them had returned home from a very exhausting week at work, and unanimously agreed that it was time to make solid work of their slightly dusty bookshelf filled with half drunk bottles of rum, vodka, miscellaneous liquors and a Pizza Hut coupon smorgasbord.

This was because it wasn’t often that the entire household would see themselves all home at once, especially on a Friday night – an event that called for a couple of shots, some commiseration, a few rounds of Code Names and whatever Jason Statham movie they hadn’t already watched yet.

Settling on ‘Safe’, which had a reasonable 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, the roomies were about to click play when Jimmy had queried what was on for dinner – a rhetorical question, seeing as no one had moved from the couch in almost an hour.

“Could do pizza?” responded Clara, picking what was possibly the only type of cuisine everyone could agree on, especially seeing as Tom was notoriously picky and refused to eat anything that wasn’t 80% carbs.

“Yeah I’m easy”, replied Jimmy.

Taking another twenty minutes before anyone actually did anything, the dad of the house (Phil) finally took the reins by whipping out his Pizza Hut app and just ordering some bulk pizzas and sides.

“Anyone veggo? No?”

“Aight, I’ve got BBQ Meatlovers, Super Supreme, Garlic Prawn and Jalapeno Cheese Bites.”

“And I reckon some of those meatballs with maroon sauce that we had for State of Origin, cos why not.”

Looking at the only Blues supporter (Clara) Phil says if she wants the blue sauce, she’ll have to buy it herself.

“I’m not supporting those bloody cockroaches.”

“Can everyone shoot me through some dollars now?”

“I’m talking to you, Tom.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey