Tigers Furious Pride Jersey And Vaping Scandal Has Taken Spotlight Away From Them Nearly Winning — The Betoota Advocate

Tigers Furious Pride Jersey And Vaping Scandal Has Taken Spotlight Away From Them Nearly Winning — The Betoota Advocate


The NRL is currently overwhelmed with it’s annual pre-finals soap opera drama, with the game’s first ever Pride Jersey resulting in a 7-man boycott from the Christian players within the Manly Sea Eagles run on side.

On top of this, the Gold Coast Titans have also made headlines after sacking former captain Kevin Proctor for posting instagram videos of him vaping inside the bathrooms at Western Sydney Stadium during his team’s loss to Canterbury on Sunday.

Proctor uploaded the video with the caption “not the halftime vape” – as he inhaled nicotine while shaking his head, as the Titans were down 26-10.

This new wave of player drama has filled a vacuum left by the NRL covid-bubble, as itchy sports journalists desperately look for ways to harass footballers now that they can no longer shame them for having sex with their girlfriends in the midst of strict social distancing rules.

However, all of this media sensationalism appears to have taken the spotlight away from the game’s most embarrassing moment over the last week.

The fact that the embattled Wests Tigers nearly won a match.

The proud and storied fans and players of the NRL’s dirtiest merger club, are reportedly furious that their controversial near-win has taken a backseat to stories about players being dumb cunts, as opposed to referees being dumb cunts.

This comes NRL has defended a call to allow North Queensland to challenge a last-minute play and kick their way to a controversial 27-26 win over Wests Tigers.

Behind by a point, the Cowboys asked for a review with one second remaining, claiming winger Kyle Feldt was impeded

Despite no penalty being awarded, Cowboys captain Chad Townsend was able to ask for the play to be reviewed.

The Bunker then gave North Queensland an escort penalty, and Valentine Holmes kicked the Cowboys home.

Amid the controversy, Wests Tigers officials told the Sydney Morning Herald they will consider legal options, after believing they were unfairly penalised in their final play loss.

However, two hours after full time on Sunday, the NRL claimed the correct process had been followed, while also kind of admitting that they fucked it all up.

With LGBTI rights and vaping activists now clogging up the news cycle, the fact that the Tigers were robbed is hardly even a story. What is even more interesting is the fact that they think this 1 point loss even matters – just 6 matches out from the finals.

The North Queensland Cowboys were approached for comment, with a spokesperson telling us that the proud people of FNQ are glad that the Tigers fans know what it was like to support the Cows in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Author: Stephen Bailey