‘These Music Festivals Are Ruining Our Byron’ Says Former Bondi Yoga Instructor With 8 Airbnbs — The Betoota Advocate

'These Music Festivals Are Ruining Our Byron' Says Former Bondi Yoga Instructor With 8 Airbnbs — The Betoota Advocate


A prominent AirBnB tycoon is making waves on Byron Bay social media this morning, calling for the cancellation of Australia’s biggest music festival, Splendour in the Grass.

Posting a lengthy status on the pages of several Byron Bay community Facebook groups, The Advocate understands former Bondi local Blair Wellington has highlighted her frustrations, as teenagers from across Australia come to “invade” her small patch of overpriced paradise.

A former yoga instructor, born and raised in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, The Advocate understands the heights of the pandemic inspired Blair to ‘consciously transport’, and move to the sands of Byron Bay to escape the hive mind of the city.

After settling in a five bedroom home in Tallow Beach and discovering Byron can more than adequately quench her thirst for cafes that sell juice in a glass bottle for $13, it’s understood Blair quickly went about seting up a lifestyle working part time as a yoga instructor and living off the cashflow of eight different AirBnB’s she purchased with the backing of her Eastern suburbs parents.

Taking to socials to post a photo of several empty Smirnoff Double Black cans lay strewn on the front yard of her recently purchased beachfront home, Blair argued that the influx of city teens was toxic for the “community” culture of Bryon.

“These people don’t respect our surroundings,” wrote Blair, whose AirBnBs have priced out locals and ultimately forces the cleaners who work for her to commute everyday from Lismore.

“These brats do nothing but flood our streets with garbage and ruin the peaceful tranquility of Byron!” typed Blair.

In a touching act of solidarity, Blair has told our reporter she’d be adding a Splendour tax on all her properties, jacking up the cost to punish teens for booking accommodation in her literal own backyard.

When asked whether she’d be passing the additional funds onto any local community initiatives, Blair said she’d be holding onto the money, with plans to further invest in the local area.

“Umm no, I’ll need those extra dollars, Byron is expensive you know!”

Author: Stephen Bailey