Teenager Gets Long-Awaited Reality Check After Learning Special Birthday Dinner IS The Present — The Betoota Advocate


A local teenager has got a real taste of reality, and nana’s roast potatoes, by learning that her special birthday dinner IS the present.

When Haley Blunt (17) of Betoota Heights was asked by her nana what she would like for her special birthday dinner, she never anticipated that the dinner would be the present.

It wasn’t until after she’d finished her nana’s roast pork and was halfway into an apple crumble that she realised that she, her parents, and siblings, were collectively eating her birthday present.

“Happy birthday Haley, I’m glad you liked your present my lovely girl,” stated Haley’s nana, who was also eating her granddaughter’s present.

“Anything for you.”

Young Blunt told our reporting team that she didn’t want to come across as rude, but had to ask her nana if she was serious about the dinner being the present or if she was losing her bloody mind.

“I did roasties and mash, just how you like them. And, you got extra crackling, more than your dad. Ask him, that’s never happened before.”

“When I was your age we used to get our birthday presents on Christmas and mine was always a tin soldier I had to share with my brothers. The same one every year, our parents would find it and wrap it again for us but my golly were we happy to have it.”

The reality of the situation hit Blunt when she opened the card from her nana and no money fell out.

According to witnesses, Hayley spent the drive home pleading with her parents to receive $20 in an envelope to make up for the usual nana birthday present that she did not get.

“You should be happy you have a nana who makes a roast for your birthday dinner!” stated dad Dom Blunt, who was hoping Hayley would share some of the leftover pork and dinner rolls with him.

“Of course, on my birthday I am probably just going to ask for her to give me money for new fishing hooks. She’ll probably still do me a roast anyway.”

Author: Stephen Bailey