‘Tattoos Are Permanent You Know’ Says Mum To Daughter She Keeps Pressuring To Give Her Grandkids — The Betoota Advocate

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A local mum has today shown she’s gone the religious route, by picking and choosing what the definition of ‘permanent’ is.

It’s alleged Debra Maston was preparing a garden salad when she’d ‘overheard’ a conversation between her two daughters, who’d piqued her interest due to their hushed voices, glances in her direction, and the fact they were looking very intensely at a phone.

Keeping an ear out, Debra had initially thought they were talking about artwork for a bedroom but quickly pieced it together when her eldest, Hayley, said she’d ‘get in on her upper thigh.’

“Oh Hayley you’re not getting a tattoo are you?”, asked a horrified Debra, unaware Hayley has two already.

“Yes mum I am.”

Dramatically dropping the garden tongs, Debra looks at her daughter with pleading eyes and puts on her best guilt trip voice.

“Hayley, why would you do that?”

“You do that’s permanent don’t you?”

“You’re going to have that when you’re old. Do you want to be an old woman with a wrinkly tattoo?”

Weirdly enough, this same logic has never been used by Debra when she’s nagging Hayley to pop her out a grandkid, which is a much more permanent decision than getting something that could be lasered off. And if Hayley is going to regret one thing, it’s better a tattoo than a whole human being.

“Yeah mum I don’t care.”

“I’ll be the coolest person in the retirement home.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey