Sydney Records Wettest Year Since Leo Was In Town Filming Great Gatsby — The Betoota Advocate

Sydney Records Wettest Year Since Leo Was In Town Filming Great Gatsby — The Betoota Advocate

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As Sydney cops yet another day of soggy weather courtesy of La Niña, many people have braced themselves for a slow and steamy build-up for what has already been called the city’s ‘wettest year on record.’

However, though the Sydney’s Observatory Hill weather station has stated that 2022 has now narrowly beat the rain record set in 1950, some meteorologists have refuted this stance due to the under reported mass flooding that occurred in 2013, which was roughly the same time Oscar winning actor and serial monogamist, Leonardo DiCaprio was in town filming The Great Gatsby. 

Considered an anomaly, this event is said to have caused much confusion in the meteorology community, due to the sheer amount of inches seen pummelling the city that day.

Speaking to a graduate meteorologist from Betoota Royal South Polytechnic, Chris Shapiro, The Advocate learns more about this forgotten moment in Australian history.

“This was before the lockout laws, of course, when international celebrities actually felt like they were in a 24-hour city and would take great pleasure in staying in Sydney instead of Byron”, said Shapiro.

“Back when word would get around the Cross that Leo was at the Back Room, and the streets would flood with potential suitors sprinting in colour blocking high heels and Maxi dresses.”

“Not that they should have bothered, mind you”, he adds with a chuckle, “longer lines than a covid swab at Christmas time.”

Stating he was initially surprised by the outpouring of love shown for the actor, Shapiro said he’d been prepared for the event to repeat itself when there were whispers of Zac Efron filming in Sydney, but luckily the former Disney star steered clear of the Emerald City.

“Probably good we avoided that one.”

“I’d probably gush over him, myself.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey