Sydney Morning Herald Attempts To Jump On The 80s Trend By Outing Rebel Wilson — The Betoota Advocate

Sydney Morning Herald Attempts To Jump On The 80s Trend By Outing Rebel Wilson — The Betoota Advocate

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The Sydney Morning Herald has today defended their threats to out Australian comedian and actress Rebel Wilson, by stating that they merely wanted to jump onto the whole 80s trend.

The journalist in question ,Andrew Hornery, who is also gay, has come under fire by giving Rebel Wilson two days to answer his email before he published his op ed, which he says was definitely ‘not a threat.’

In this piece which has since been deleted, Andrew complained of Rebel beating him to the punch by posting her girlfriend on Instagram and ruining his scoop – essentially being forced to out herself.

Publishing another article after receiving backlash, Andrew has tried to clarify that he was merely confident he had sufficient enough information to open up the conversation, which wasn’t his to have. Hornery has also stated that he thought outing celebrities was acceptable at this given time, seeing as the 80s appears to be trending. – and considering the 80s was a prime time for ‘homohysteria’ and outing closeted celebrities due largely to the aid crisis happening at the time, Hornery reckons it was just an honest mistake.

Given that Australia also doesn’t really have a lot of celebrities, the SMH figured they’d ignore the fact Rebel Wilson won a large lawsuit against Bauer owned media to give Australians the gossip they apparently want – who one of the stars of Pitch Perfect is slapping happies with, apparently.

Reading Hornery’s ‘apology piece’ The Advocate has since learned that he was mainly swept up in the 80s nostalgia wave, and had momentarily forgotten that being a asshole about celebrities’s sexual proclivites wasn’t really acceptable anymore.”

“I assumed it was perfectly fine to out a ‘closted celebrity’ given that both Kate Bush and Top Gun were trending” writes Hornery, “but I now understand that people just like the cool part of the 80s, like the music and mullets.”

“Not the whole gay discrimination thing.”

“I failed to understand the nuances behind the trend, and for that, I sincerely apologise.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey