Superheroes Back To Being For Nerds Again — The Betoota Advocate

Superheroes Back To Being For Nerds Again — The Betoota Advocate


After a solid decade of mainstream success and box office billions it has been confirmed that media featuring superheroes is once again a ‘nerds only’ affair.

Prior to Iron Man and The Dark Knight doing the unthinkable and being a good movie based on comic characters, superhero movies were the sort of shit you watched when it was raining during PE or when you were home sick from school and wanted to feel worse.

In the years that followed, superhero movies found massive success in the mainstream, even if Martin Scorsese would rather watch his dog get run over by a truck than Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

However, with a new superhero film each month that must be watched in tandem with an original TV series, superhero casuals have put their hands up and agreed they can’t be fucked anymore.

And just like reuniting families of cockroaches ruling the streets after an atomic blast, the comic faithfuls emerge to rule the superhero discourse once again.

“It’s a relief to be able to watch the movies alone again, none of this having to explain who everyone is to casuals nonsense,” stated comic fan Chester Kaiser, who managed to run out of obscure characters to get tattooed on the same day he ran out of vacant skin.

“While I’ve got you here I just wanna talk about She Hulk. It’s bad. Like, so bad. Wow. Really bad, they effed up.”

“It’s better than Moonknight which was worse than Loki but better than Ms Marvel but nothing is better than Wandavision once you get past the first four episodes and the last episode.”


Author: Stephen Bailey