Success! Interaction With Old Friend Doesn’t Result In Insincere Coffee Catch Up Plans — The Betoota Advocate

Success! Interaction With Old Friend Doesn't Result In Insincere Coffee Catch Up Plans — The Betoota Advocate


An absolute win for the people took place in the Betoota CBD today as two old university friends bumped into each other and didn’t feel the need to make insincere plans for a coffee catch up.

Having been good friends for the three years they attended uni together, Alexa Melton and Vincent Lam bumped into each other while on a respective break from their jobs that do not require the degree they studied for.

After sharing several stories about their former bucket bong fueled glory, both old chums feared they were dangling dangerously near coffee catch up territory after making a few bullshit comments about how they both still look great for their age.

“Hey I got to head off now, it was so great to see you!” stated Melton, meaning every word.

“You too, take care!” declared Lam, before walking away from the random encounter obligation free.

And so it was that the two former friends shared the rarest of human experiences, proving that their bond has a certain enduring quality that goes beyond the need to lie to each other to be polite.

“We were really there for each other for a few years, I think we respect each other too much to lie,” stated Lam in an exclusive with The Advocate.

“The ironic part is I’d love to catch up with A-Meltz for a drink but I prefer to spend my Friday nights getting stoned, playing Minecraft and drinking every beer and I don’t want her to see how much I haven’t changed.”


Author: Stephen Bailey