Star Sign Talk In Dating App Chat Saves Everyone Some Time — The Betoota Advocate


One of our most precious resources has been correctly managed today.

During a getting to know you chat on a popular dating app, app users Mel and Artie quickly identified their incompatibility by getting the star sign talk out of the way early.

Once thought to be a humorous way to pass time in the office break room, in 2022 star signs and horoscopes are now taken rather seriously, especially on dating apps.

Relating to what stars were visible at the time you were born, star signs are the system of categorising people into one of 12 types of personality types.

People use star signs to find their ideal partner, which is usually someone who believes the same sort of mental shit that you do.

Luckily for Mel and Artie both, they saved themselves from a date that went nowhere by getting the horoscope chat out of the way early.

“Do you know how the stars were aligned when you were born?” asked Mel.

“I was actually born during the day hey,” replied Artie.

Although Mel was tempted to ask Artie how tall he was before making her decision, she agreed they should both dodge a bullet but not meeting up at all.

“Yeah it wouldn’t work if she believed in that stuff,” stated Artie, who would have never been able to date Mel after he found out she doesn’t like the Chili Peppers.

Author: Stephen Bailey