Sports World Still Carrying On About Greg Norman Like No One’s Going To Qatar In A Few Months — The Betoota Advocate

Sports World Still Carrying On About Greg Norman Like No One's Going To Qatar In A Few Months — The Betoota Advocate


As another week draws to a close, the sporting world is continuing to make a song and dance about the new rebel golf tournament.

The carry-on comes despite fuck all being said about all of the problematic sporting regimes around the world being given a free pass, and everyone seemingly forgetting what is happening in Qatar at the end of the year.

For those who understandably don’t pay attention to the professional sport of golf, Greg Norman has made quite a splash over the last few months by being the face of a new rebel golf tournament.

The breakaway golf league is backed by the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Wealth Fund, and has caused critics to attack the move for “sports washing.”

The backers of the league claim it is trying to improve the sport of golf, given it has been run by crusty rich old white me for decades.

However, critics have pointed to Saudi Arabia’s appalling human rights record and international behaviour as reasons to boycott this new league.

This absolutely well-founded criticism of Saudi Arabia comes despite the fact the United States is willing to sell them trillions in weapons, the world is happy to allow them to dictate the global oil market, and everyone is more than happy to support teams like Manchester City, Newcastle, PSG and the like who are all owned by Arab Royalty or sovereign wealth funds and get behind Boxing and the UFC which is bringing headline fights to the Middle East.

It also comes as the world prepares to head to Qatar for a world cup, where over 8,000 workers have died constructing the stadiums that were given to the country on the back of fairly blatant corruption.

On top of the deaths and practical enslavement of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, the oil-rich nation also boasts an appalling human rights record.

All of that though is not something that the sporting world is up in arms about, because it’s not threatening the sport of golf, which is controlled by a bunch of rich olf white toffs.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey