South Sydney Rabbitohs Recruit Another Slow-Talking Englishman That Nobody Can Take Down — The Betoota Advocate

South Sydney Rabbitohs Recruit Another Slow-Talking Englishman That Nobody Can Take Down — The Betoota Advocate


The South Sydney Rabbitohs can today boast another neckless English recruit who can’t be brought down with a meat axe.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese gifted a Rabbitoh’s jacket and hat to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – as the two exchanged pleasantries somewhere in Europe, at one of those big world leaders things that Albanese has been going to every single day since he got elected last month.

This gesture also reaffirms the South Sydney Rabbitohs close ties with the United Kingdom, a relationship that has been flourishing since the all four Burgess brothers played together during a home game against the Wests Tigers in round 25, 2013.

Only twice in the history of the game has there been four brothers lace up in first grade, side-by-side, for the same team.

The mountainous Yorkshiremen have been engrained in the history of the NRL’s foundation club ever since – led by brother Sam, who a year later would be dubbed the Clive Churchill medallist and later inducted as a Life Member after winning them their first Premiership in 43 years.

Today, this strong relationship between the Bunnies and the Pommies continues, as Prime Minister Albanese recruited Boris Johnson.

Aside from his posh London accent, the similarities between Boris Johnson and the Burgess brothers are undeniable.

They all talk very slowly, they look great in football shorts, and weigh well over a buck twenty each.

However, the most blatantly similar characteristic shared by these stocky Englishmen is the fact that you can’t stop them from moving forward – even in the face of an assault from all angles.

Whether it’s James Graham tackling Sam Burgess with the top of his head in the first play of the 2014 Grand Final, or Boris Johnson being found guilty of repeatedly lying to British voters for treating his office like a nightclub in the middle of the 2020 lockdown – these Rabbitohs are impossible to take down.

With Boris Johnson running through press packs and inquiries like the twins carving up the Bulldogs, the recruitment of the British Prime Minister marks another stellar signing for the club’s international statesmen – Russell Crowe and Anthony Albanese.

When asked how he felt about being accepted into the South Sydney Rabbitohs ranks, Mr Johnson said he was excited to see Australia’s tattooed working class pitted against each other – something that he has enjoyed greatly ever since the Brexit referendum.

Author: Stephen Bailey