Smart Watch Makes Man Look Dumb — The Betoota Advocate

Smart Watch Makes Man Look Dumb — The Betoota Advocate


A Twilight Zone level of retribution has been rained down upon a local substitute teacher this week as his smart watch made him look pretty dumb.

A fan of liking to stand out without actually putting in any effort, teacher Brian ‘Mr M’ Minkovic purchased himself a smart watch so he can do a few of the things he does on his phone one handed on his wrist.

“It’s really cool!” stated Minkovic, as he tried to show us a video on his smartwatch while the audio came out of his phone.

“Hang on, what have I done here? Bloody hell. Hold this for me would you? Far out, it worked before!”

Minkovic then sat down for a history class with year eight students, half of which he spent showing off his watch and how cool it was that it could interact with the smart whiteboard which he accidentally drew on with a permanent marker.

“That was there when we came in wasn’t it kids?”

Later that evening, Minkovic accidentally called his school contact when the hot water of the shower opened his contact book and started a video call.

“What? What’s that noise-FUCK!”

“I am so sorry Mr Kensington!”

According to Mr Kensignton, the accidental nude call was ‘pretty funny’ and ‘couldn’t have happened to a more loveable moron.’


Author: Stephen Bailey