Sir Joh Government Starting To Look Like A Pretty Tidy Operation Next To NSW Liberals — The Betoota Advocate

Sir Joh Government Starting To Look Like A Pretty Tidy Operation Next To NSW Liberals — The Betoota Advocate


Residents of New South Wales have today exacted sweet revenge for the embarrassment they endured throughout the 2022 State Of Origin series.

This comes as the NSW Government finally surpasses 1980s Queensland politics for the most unbridled corruption to ever be brazenly committed in clear view of the tax-payers.

In fact, in this era of email chains and subpoenaed text message, the severe misconduct of the success O’Farrell/Baird/Berejeklian/Perrottet governments is even more impressive!

This follows today’s news that the Member For Five Dock John Sidoti MP has been suspended from NSW parliament after ICAC corruption findings after initially refusing to resign from the Liberal Party, which follows the news that Deputy Liberals leader Stuart Ayres had suddenly resigned from cabinet while also strenuously denying the role he played in former Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s plum appointment to a New York trade role that he was comically unqualified for, after Barilaro himself resigned suddenly 6 months earlier, which was days after the actual Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigned for no real reason, other than the fact that she was being investigated for something she didn’t do, which somehow resulted in tens of millions of tax-payer dollars being misappropriated into building pointless shit in her ex-boyfriend’s electorate.

In fact, when you add up all this stuff, including the fact that Berejeklian’s predecessor Mike Baird also resigned for no reason, after shutting down every nightclub in Sydney to funnel foot traffic into the casino precincts, shortly after his predecessor Barry O’Farrell suddenly resigned because he forgot to declare a bottle of Penfolds Grange as a gift from political lobbyists – it seems the NSW Liberals are really the very best in the game.

Even Queenslanders have today had to concede that when it comes to allegations of severe corruption, New South Wales are miles ahead of even Sir Joh.

Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen was the longest-serving Premier of Queensland, holding office from 1968 to 1987, during which time the state underwent considerable and unsustainable economic development and uncompromising conservatism.

With close to a hundred 1980s activists and political agitators still listed as ‘missing persons’ since the reign Sir Joh and his cowboy ‘special branch’ of police henchmen, many thought that Queensland would hold on to the record for most corrupt state government in Australian history.

However, it has become clear today that NSW have torn ahead.

It is not yet known if the Perrottet government will follow Sir Joh’s lead by implementing state-wide bans on condoms and Special Branch police officers being sent to gay beats to violently bash homosexual men – but it has been confirmed that they have already fast-tracked laws to have any journalists and protestors charged and incarcerated for criticising the government.

However, die-hard fans of Queensland corruption say Perrottet isn’t up to the task, and his lacklustre government is barely even a nod to the era of Queensland politics thats brought us Gold Coast skyscrapers, Expo 88 and the warrant-less phone-tapping of Aboriginal activists.

Author: Stephen Bailey