Senior Liberal Quits Front Bench Over Dutton’s Move To Prevent Nation Being Divided On Voice — The Betoota Advocate

Senior Liberal Quits Front Bench Over Dutton's Move To Prevent Nation Being Divided On Voice — The Betoota Advocate


The Nation’s Opposition Leader is today dealing with another political setback.

Following a tough few weeks that culminated in a historic by-election loss down in Melbourne where his party now only holds 3 seats, Dutton is now coming to terms with a senior figure in his party quitting the front bench.

Shadow Attorney General Julian Leeser has quit his position in the party in opposition to the Liberal’s decision to oppose The Voice.

Leeser says he will be sitting on the back bench moving forward, so he can campaign for the Yes vote on a Voice to Parliament.

Leeser told the media today that he believes it is time for a Voice, and he is willing to step down from the front bench to continue advocating for an issue he has been working on for the last decade.

The big blow to the Liberals comes following Peter Dutton’s claims that he is opposing the Voice, in an effort to stop the country being divided.

The weird decision to oppose something under the premise of uniting the country, has since drawn criticism from the majority of the country who don’t spend their time watching Sky News.

However, the decision to unite the country has seemingly divided his party, with murmurs more notable figures could follow suit and join the Yes Campaign.

Dutton has yet to comment on Leeser’s resignation from the front bench, but is expected to say something about how divisive the Labor party is being on the issue.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey