Robodebt Royal Commission Struggles To Fit All Of Scotty’s Former Ministries On The One Screen — The Betoota Advocate

Robodebt Royal Commission Struggles To Fit All Of Scotty's Former Ministries On The One Screen — The Betoota Advocate


Former PM Scott Morrison’s storied resume is making life very hard for the Robodebt Royal Commission this week – with over 60% of the livestream screen dedicated to his past portfolios.

Scotty From Marketing is directly implicated in this scandal, as he was the Social Services minister when this cruel program was devised and launched. He was Treasurer when it was expanded to millions of Australians – and he was Prime Minister when it faced two legal challenges.

Yesterday was the first day he ever spoke about his role in this criminal conspiracy saw hundreds of thousands of underclass Australians issued fictional and illegal welfare debts – leaving shameful stain on Australian democracy that a court of law has since labelled “shameful” while approving a $1.8bn settlement.

Victims have since told the royal commission that their robodebt notices caused them sever psychological damage and tore families apart – many were forced into selling their cars, homelessness and suicide.

As the scale of this cruelty becomes clear under a new government, the Australian media are now comfortable with reporting on just how badly the Liberals were treading on the poor – an inconvenient truth that the newspapers were holding back in an effort to protect their beloved franking credits and negative gearing.

In fact, the Channel 9 / Murdoch newspapers covering this fiasco even appear somewhat surprised by this disaster, as their bosses officially give them license to take cricket bats to the former Prime Minister – now that he’s expended his political usefulness to media class.

However, one thing that is genuinely interesting is watching a Royal Commission livestream where most of the screen is taken up by the the subject’s title.

This is due to the fact that the Former PM actually held 11 different Ministries throughout the entire operations of the robodebt scheme, but you probably didn’t know that either because nobody seems that interested in reporting that Scotty had secretly lied to his entire cabinet and taken control of all of their duties throughout the entire pandemic. The type of stuff you can only get away with if you are blessed with a fully complicit media landscape.


Author: Stephen Bailey