Resourceful Bachelor Saves Money On Chewing Gum By Going To Town On His Hoodie Drawstrings Instead — The Betoota Advocate

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A bloke has this week been able to successfully curb his chewing gum habit by finding a suitable, albeit, less tasty replacement, with his hoodie strings.

Sean Reeves [24] is said to have developed the habit while he was working at home for a few days with covid, having spent the entirety of it lazing about in his favourite Champion hoodie.

Absentmindedly popping the hoodie drawstrings in his mouth as he pondered ideas, Sean found himself creating his own little bacteria colony and kickstarting what was soon to be a very hard habit to break.

This would have been fine had it remained in the confines of his home, but Sean now finds himself indulging in his strange habit in public – but he insists he can stop anytime.

“I don’t know, there’s something very soothing about it”, says Sean, “it’s great at alleviating stress.”

“At least they don’t have those plastic things on the end, so I’m not really at risk of anything.”

Inspecting the ends of his Champion hoodie closely, our reporter notices the ends have been chewed so much that they now resemble tassels.

“Yeah I know, it’s a bit gross haha”, says Sean, popping what was likely three weeks’ worth of saliva back into his mouth, “but whatever.”

“Saves money on chewing gum at least haha.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey