Recently-Single Pete Davidson Reportedly Already Rooting Both Cher And Susan Sarandon — The Betoota Advocate

Recently-Single Pete Davidson Reportedly Already Rooting Both Cher And Susan Sarandon — The Betoota Advocate


US tabloids are in overdrive this week, as entertainment reporters rush to get the scoop on which absolute smokeshow Pete Davidson has landed as a rebound.

This follows the news that the 28-year-old American comedian had split up with LA socialite Kim Kardashian (41) after nine months of dating.

Fans of both comedy and TV shows about rich people had long believed that the relationship wouldn’t last, mostly because of the intensity of Kanye West’s poor mental health, and the fact that Pete Davidson does not appear ready to take on four stepkids and Kris Jenner.

It has since been confirmed by ‘sources’ that the real reason is that the distance between them was too much for Kardashian, who is busy with young parenthood and multiple businesses, while Davidson is currently filming a new comedy with Orlando Bloom.

As the Kardashian family returns to the reality TV chaos that surrounds a lifestyle of extreme excess and famous ex-husbands, the attention now turns to who Pete Davidson is rooting.

Davidson 0 who already has some serious form as a pantsman – has previously dated Cazzie David, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, Margaret Qualley, and Phoebe Dynevor.

However, despite his proven magnetic effect on some of the most beautiful young bachelorettes in Hollywood, it seems Pete Davidson might now have a thing for older women with a couple kids in tow.

Early rumours that Davidson had sparked up a relationship with the recently separated model Emily Ratajkowski have since lost momentum, as the comedian makes it clear he prefers the mature aged dating pool.

In the space of a week, the Staten Island Stud has already been linked with both Cher (76) and Susan Sarandon (25) – two of the OG Los Angeles MILFs.

On top of his newfound perference for older women, it is believed that Davidson has decided to continue his involvement in the Armenian community – after being photographed with pop superstar Cher at the St. Mary’s Apostolic Church in the LA suburb of Glendale last Sunday morning.

Witnesses also say Davidson and Susan Sarandon were spotted at a discreet Californian roadside diner last week, digging into a pile of pancakes and whipped cream with sexually-charged enthusiasm.

Dolly Parton has been quick to refute any claims she is also linked to the comedian, claiming she’s never enjoyed the company of New Yorkers.

Author: Stephen Bailey