Real Estate Agents Still Under The Impression Their Noggin Sells Houses — The Betoota Advocate

Real Estate Agents Still Under The Impression Their Noggin Sells Houses — The Betoota Advocate


Betoota real estate agent and noted pain Richard Fallus is still under the impression his noggin sells houses, after spackling his mug on a fresh new billboard

Although property prices are at record highs and rental satisfaction at record lows, Betoota’s least favourite people are still under the impression that they are treasured household names about town and have continued to promote their business with their smug, punchable faces.

Aside from being the only way rental tenants can get their contact details, billboards featuring real estate agent’s rude heads are a great way to let prospective homebuyers know they are vanity obsessed vampires in the desperate throws of a backup career.

“Oh that’s embarrassing, how did that get there?” joked Fallus, as he uploaded a picture of his billboard to the 90 social media sites he uses.

“This stuff works mate. People come into my office all the time asking to see the bloke from the billboard.”

Despite Fallus assuring our reporters that his self-obsessed advertising methods were effective, we took to the street to ask punters what they thought of the billboard.

“I’ve never said this before, but I hope someone draws a moustache of dicks on his damn face,” stated one passer byer. 

“Real estate agents and politicians must be Australia’s least favourite people. They’re certainly the least trustworthy. Why do they keep thinking an eight-year-old photo of them is the best way to promote their business?” 

“You don’t see transit officers or parking inspectors putting billboards with their faces on it. You know why? Because who would want to see that?”

Our reporting team was forced to stop the interview when a youth was spotted defacing the billboard and needed someone to hold the ladder for him.

Author: Stephen Bailey