Piers Morgan Grows Concerned Now There’s An Even Bigger Bullshitter In The Market For A TV Gig — The Betoota Advocate

Piers Morgan Grows Concerned Now There's An Even Bigger Bullshitter In The Market For A TV Gig — The Betoota Advocate


British TV shock jock Piers Morgan has today been met with the horrifying realisation that he might have ended his own career.

This comes after the 57-year-old Murdoch goon spent yesterday celebrating all of the hard work he has done to oust UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after turning on him two weeks ago in a desperate effort to be on the right side of history.

Boris Johnson said on Thursday that he would step down as Britain’s prime minister, amid an escalating mutiny within his own cabinet, endless government resignations and a devastating loss support from both cabinet and voters – stemming from his handling of the the latest scandal surrounding his leadership.

In fact, the rot that surrounding the Conservatives had gotten so visibly bad that even Piers Morgan, a man that had worked meticulously alongside the tabloid oligarchs to ensure that the outgoing PM got elected in the first place, is now pretending that he always thought Boris Johnson was an incompetence elite who was detached from the working man.

This is despite, both of these men being exactly the same age and mingling in similar social circles for the best part of four decades.

However despite Morgan’s glorious victory, that has seen yet another populist centre-right world leader thrown to the wolves in preference for the chaos of an empty chair, the celebrations were short-lived for the outspoken Marklephile.

Once the sheer elation of Johnson’s unemployment has worn off, the British media elite began focusing on what might be next for the soon-to-be former PM.

As a blaringly incompetent English toff, with little experience in the real world, and the capability of fucking up a cup of coffee – Johnson is now in the same boat as former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison – effectively unemployable.

Except for a panel TV job, where conservative news networks allow him to sit at a desk and regurgitate low-effort culture wars talking points about bathroom signs and union strikes.

Piers Morgan needs a new competitor in this market like he needs a hole in the head, as his new show ‘Uncensored’ struggles to keep up viewership, with an all-time low of just 10,000 tuning in several weeks ago.

Author: Stephen Bailey