Paul Murray Overtakes Crystal Meth As #1 Cause Of Families Falling Apart — The Betoota Advocate


In a rare good news story, crystal meth has been demoted to second place as the number one cause of Australian households falling apart.

Unfortunately, what has overtaken it is just as addictive, harmful, and seemingly available at all hours of the day.

At the time of writing, Sky News presenter Paul Murray is now the number one reason that Australian families are getting into explosive arguments and cutting off contact with each other.

Unlike other TV channels that try to entertain you with footy, reality TV, and adverts, Sky News prefers to be a constant cycle of how Australia is changing for the worst with an almost Scooby Doo like appreciation for a monster of the week (and adverts).

One of the channel’s star presenters is Paul Murray, a critic of leftists ideas like climate change and the leader of the Peter Dutton Supporter Society (non head injury chapter).

Murray has enjoyed a meteoric rise at Sky News as he fulfils the channel’s goal of simplifying every possible issue into identity politics that could be understood even by dumbest dropouts from the School of Hard Knocks.

Because Murray’s millions of hours of rants seemingly play all day on TV, many retired Aussies pop the Sky News on in the background, get their dose of cooked takes, become a conduit for Murray’s opinions, argue with their adult children, become alienated from their family, and therefore have more time to spend watching Sky News.

One broken home member is Karla Gee (45) who recently had to ask her mum Lexi (70) if she was cooked in the fucken’ head or if she believed this stuff by choice.

“I’m just not a climate alarmist like you!” stated Lexi Gee, who could well push up an entire tree by the time her grandchildren suffer at the hands of her generation’s environmental vandalism.

“I have my opinions you know that.”

“I don’t get why you have to get so upset about it when I bring them up out of the blue on what would have been an otherwise lovely day.”

Although the Gee family is no longer on speaking terms with their nana, one thing both parties can agree on is how tragic that someone they love could be brainwashed so easily.

Author: Stephen Bailey