Paul Kent Doubles Down And Says Muhammad Ali Also Lacked Class And Acted Like A Teenager — The Betoota Advocate

Paul Kent Doubles Down And Says Muhammad Ali Also Lacked Class And Acted Like A Teenager — The Betoota Advocate


Despite claiming to oppose the growing ‘woke’ culture in Australian sport, NRL Fox League commentator Paul Kent is this week doing his very best impersonation of someone who likes to tell people what they can and can’t say.

This comes as the heartbroken former Parramatta reserve rushes back to TV screens to ramp up his tall poppy syndrome before everyone stops talking about footy for the next four months.

On NRL 360 last night, Australia’s only sports journo who is shameless enough to combine football analysis with Sky News talking points decided to take aim at the winners of the 2022 NRL Grand Final.

A disgusted Paul Kent has taken great issue with the Penrith Panthers talking shit in the middle of a post-match bender, after pumping his old club 28-12 to claim back-to-back premierships.

Paul Kent says the Panthers ‘lack class’ and need to learn to show a bit of ‘humility and grace’ when they get a microphone rammed in their face after 24 hours of partying.

It seems the most upsetting comments were Jarome Luai’s social media post about being Parramatta’s ‘daddy’ and James Fisher-Harris claiming to be ‘the greatest side ever’ at the Monday fan day.

The fact that both of these comments are 100% true – and somewhat humble when compared with the team’s actual record-breaking stats – is irrelevant to Paul Kent, who seems to have a real bee in his bonnet about Samoans who like to admit they are Samoan.

With three Grand Final appearances in three years – This current Penrith Panthers have a winning percentage over three seasons that is completely unprecedented in the salary cap NRL era.

However these facts should remain unmentioned – and the players should never acknowledge that fans may be witnessing the most impressive football team in the history of rugby league – according to Paul Kent and thousands of disenfranchised Facebook users with motorbikes as their profile pictures.

“I’ve always said the same thing about Muhammad Ali” said a gradually slurring Kent.

“All that ‘I’m The Greatest’ stuff… It was just distasteful… He really lacked class”

“Some should’ve had a word to him”

“Chuck Wepner, Tommy Morrison… Jack Dempsey are the only boxers you’d look at and say can walk away with some kind of integrity from what they say.

“The rest just act like rat mugs.”

Author: Stephen Bailey