Only Bald Guys At Party Share Silent Nod — The Betoota Advocate

Only Bald Guys At Party Share Silent Nod — The Betoota Advocate


Even in the midst of a global pandemic, new friendships are being formed!

Most recently at a party to observe the first birthday of a dog in Betoota’s French Quarter, fellow baldmen Wiley Grant and Herbert Cohen struck it off after giving each other a deep and respectful silent nod. 

“When we first got there I said to my missus ‘babe can we go, I’m like the only bald guy here,’” stated Grant, his magnificent bronze head shining in the central Queensland sun. 

“But then I saw Herbie across the room and even though he was wearing a cabbie cap I knew he was one of my brethren.” 

Both Grant and Cohen confirm that after their initial eye contact across the room, the two dutifully bowed their heads in a secret signal that hair owners just would not understand.

“Do you ever run your hand through your hair and then remember you don’t have any?” asked Cohen, the minute he had a moment alone with his new best friend.

“All the time brother! I tell you what, I’m going to headbutt the next guy who suggests I get a head tattoo!” chimed Grant, knowing well that his immaculately hairless head would deliver a crushing blow with minimal wind resistance. 

“Yes! My lack of head hair does not mean I’m your fucking canvas!”

Unconfirmed reports state the two later shared a private head touch like two smooth stones striking the first spark of a new friendship.

Author: Stephen Bailey