On Top Of Wanting Secure Housing, This Entitled Millennial Also Wants A Fulfilling Job — The Betoota Advocate

On Top Of Wanting Secure Housing, This Entitled Millennial Also Wants A Fulfilling Job — The Betoota Advocate

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A spoiled young man with an unprofessional ponytail has been labeled an “entitled millennial” today by some in the wider Betoota community who feel he’s wanting everything all at once without first working for it.

The man, Ralph Gooley of Betoota Heights, was talking to his boss at Zoo Park Camera & Sound this morning about the job tomorrow, where the 38-year-old is set to film a TV advertisement for the local Hog’s Breath Cafe.

“My heart’s just not in filming ads for places like Hog’s Breath,” he said, hoping to find a sympathetic ear.

His boss, local media veteran Clarke Overell, had another opinion.

Clarke Overell is the cousin of The Advocate’s editor, Clancy. Clarke is considered the ‘black sheep’ of the Overell family after famously leaving the publishing empire to become a pornographer.

“I don’t give a fuck,” said Clarke to his forlorn employee.

“A job’s a job. When I was your age, I had to do my own light AND my own sound. I’d be bent backwards over a milk crate, getting the perfect angle on a Russian drill press, and I was doing it on my own. I had to pay my actors with cash, not experience and exposure like people your age got paid with. When I was your age, I would’ve killed to film an ad for Hog’s Breath!”

“I was so broke, I had to work weekends filming two 45-year-olds perform a bit of lazy Sunday morning side doggy for sometimes nothing! On weekends, I know what you young blokes do. You just palm chimp up your faces and eat in restaurants. You want a fulfilling job? Suck it up and join the SES. That’s fulfilling enough. What else do you want? You want to be the cinematographer on the next outback flick? Fucking get in line, Raphly. Whoever is doing it probably did Hog’s Breath ads when he was your age!”

This conversation, recounted to The Advocate by Ralph, pales in comparison to the one last week where Ralph complained about not owning a house yet.

“He laughed then and said yeah, the housing market isn’t like it used to be,” said Ralph.

“But the jobs market, he went off.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey