NSW Police Brutally Bash Another Elderly Man For Asking His Old Mate How The Fuck He’s Been — The Betoota Advocate

NSW Police Brutally Bash Another Elderly Man For Asking His Old Mate How The Fuck He's Been — The Betoota Advocate


The New South Wales police are back in action today, and ramping up their efforts to cleanse Sydney’s streets of any immoral behaviour and explicit language.

This comes just days after they boys in blue decided to brutally bash the iconic 78-year-old Sydney character Danny Lim, whose cheeky sandwich board sign became too much for a boutique CBD shopping precinct.

Despite the backlash against the roided up piggies who decided to throw a frail old man on his face with his arms behind his back, and hospitalising him with a suspected cracked skull, the NSW Police are yet to offer an apology.

In fact, it looks like they’ve doubled down!

It’s being reported that the morality police have bashed the shit out of another old man, all in the name of revitalising the cultural wasteland of a unaffordable city that has been bled dry of any excitement by this last decade of Hillsong Sharia (lock-out laws).

Standing out front of a tiled drinker’s pub in the inner-Sydney suburb of Glebe, local pensioner Davey Shawshank (81) got a good taste of the state government’s 2030 plan to rid the entire city of the type of language that scares off the Mainland Chinese teenagers and downsizing North Shore boomers that upholds the two-tiered NSW economy.

Davey says he didn’t know swear words weren’t allowed in public anymore, but it’s very clear to him now.

“I saw me old mate choofa walking into the pub. Hadn’t seen him in years”

“I walk up and say ‘choofa! how the fuck you been’ and shake his hand”

“Next thing I know I get spear tackled from behind by these tatted up probationary constables straight outta Goulburn”

While having his face pushed into the bitumen and having a 120 kilogram copper’s knee driven into his spine, all Davey could hear was ‘stop swearing!!!’

It is believed the three cops soon discontinued the arrest after realising they were being filmed by the public, but that didn’t stop them from high-fiving each other.

The same pub at the centre of this incident is believed to have had six walk-throughs from the police throughout the rest of the evening, complete with sniffer-dogs and official decibel measurement metres. It is not known if this overpolicing of language and volume has solved one of the nearly 50 open cases related to gangland assassinations in 2022.

Author: Stephen Bailey