NSW Liberal’s Greatest Political Mind, David Elliot MP, Surprisingly Humiliated By Rail Union — The Betoota Advocate

NSW Liberal's Greatest Political Mind, David Elliot MP, Surprisingly Humiliated By Rail Union — The Betoota Advocate


After enduring generational damage to the Liberal Party brand at the 2022 Federal Election, the party’s rising talent within the NSW Government have today taken another blow.

The NSW government has today bowed to the rail union, after being brutalised by endless industrial action that has been causing chaos for commuters for over a year.

After going to war with their own Federal ministers over former Prime Minister disastrous captain’s picks that overruled branch pre-selections – the last remaining* Liberal government in NSW looked forward to a more peaceful future.

The NSW Liberals had hoped that Scott Morrison’s election loss would now mean the only people they have to fight with are the stupid trade unions – who are much less powerful than anyone in Canberra.

However, it seems that the NSW Government have lost this battle too, after one of the Liberal’s most promising young go-getters was absolutely humiliated by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU).

Former Police Minister turned Transport Minister, David Elliott MP, has been forced to put forward a $264 million offer to fix a fleet of trains that has been at the centre of the dispute with the RTBU – after realising that antagonising the unions in the Murdoch media does nothing but escalate hostilities.

The New Inter-City Fleet (NIF) arrived in Sydney in 2020 but has been sitting in storage since they arrived from Korea – which was a much cheaper build than Wollongong.

RTBU members have refused to operate the trains, claiming that, in their current form, guards cannot adequately monitor platforms to ensure passenger safety.

The government has maintained they are safe, and that these silly blue collar workers don’t know anything about this industry that they have worked in their entire life.

But after taking cricket bats from the union for months, the NSW government has today said it will make the modifications, beginning in August, for $264 million.

The NSW Liberals are today growing worried about their party’s future. With many party stalwarts left confused as to how such a bright political operator like David Elliot MP, the man responsible for ordering NSW police to strip search teenage girls at train stations, could have possibly fucked this one up.

*The Tasmanian Liberal government is more of a glorified local council

Author: Stephen Bailey