NSW Just Don’t Get Origin — The Betoota Advocate

NSW Just Don’t Get Origin — The Betoota Advocate


In some breaking news from the spiritual home of Rugby League, NSW have once again confirmed that they simply do not get State of Origin football.

After 240 minutes of rugby league over 6 weeks, the most populous state of NSW has reminded everyone that they simply don’t understand the fundamental principles of State v State footy.

This comes after the New South Welshmen allowed themselves to be bullied out of Game III just when the going got tough.

With everything on the line in the second half of the decider, the Blues proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are an identityless team of southerners who lack the courage to claim a shield whenever there is the slightest amount of pressure exerted upon them.

The 22-12 loss to the Maroons came despite Queensland’s best player being ruled out, with a 21-year-old five-eighth stepping up and proving how Queenslanders actually value an Origin jersey above everything else.

One of the authors of last night’s report, Betoota Heights man Wally Lockyer explained to The Advocate some of the major factors behind his findings.

“Look, there’s a punch thrown, and how long does it take for a New South Welshmen to arrive on the scene,” explained Lockyer.

“There are 8 Queenslanders in there before Api even arrives.”

“The southerners are throwing offloads and cut out passes on their own 10-metre line because they don’t back themselves to run over the top of the Queenslanders.”

“And it’s becuase they just don’t get how the pinnacle of footy works.”

“I won’t even start on some of the selection decisions.”

“Laugh all you want at our Queenslander calls and our Queensland spirit, but it gets us over the line time and time again, against a much larger and well-resourced state.”

“See ya next year, for the same result again.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey