NSW Government Happy To Sort Out Some Flags For Bandt’s Pressers If Anyone’s Got A Spare 25 Mil — The Betoota Advocate

NSW Government Happy To Sort Out Some Flags For Bandt's Pressers If Anyone's Got A Spare 25 Mil — The Betoota Advocate


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has today offered up an interesting solution to the issue raised by Federal Greens Leader Adam Bandt.

Bandt has caused quite a stir today by moving the Australian flag from behind where he was supposed to give a press conference.

That move h sent culture warriors into a rabid frenzy, with countless headlines about how an immature Bandt was essentially disrespecting the ANZACs and everything the country holds dear.

Bandt claims it is time to have a discussion about the flag, which has understandably been music to the ears of conservative media commentators who are getting tired of churning out sensationalist headlines about the involvement of trans people in sport.

However, the Premier for Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong has now offered up a solution to the issues, saying he can install a permanent flag pole for the measly sum of $25,000,000.

“Easy peasy,” said Perrottet who was forced to defend revelations his government will be paying someone 25 mil to plonk a flag on top of the Harbour Bridge.

Perrottet said he had no idea how it cost that much, but as a leader of a state that is well known for its Independent Commission Against Corruption, he understood that these things can blow a little bit.

“That’s just how much this stuff can cost,” shrugged the man whose predecessor used to knock down stadiums and rebuild very similar ones for billions of dollars, as well as throw millions of dollars at various clubs, organisations and projects.

“So if people are worried about Adam moving the Australian flag out of the picture, we can install a permanent one right behind him, and that’s that.”

“It’s worth it for the price of unity,” he said.

The federal government and Adam Bandt are yet to respond to the claims.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey