Nonna Lists Granny Flat On AirBnB — The Betoota Advocate

Nonna Lists Granny Flat On AirBnB — The Betoota Advocate

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A local nonna has been able to score some extra cash renting out her granny flat, without having to fork out any money for cleaning or worrying about damage.

Rosa Cardona [67] is said to have strong-armed her husband into agreeing to rent out their granny flat, after one of her friends let slip just how much they were getting by turning the top level of their home into an AirBnB. 

Having avoided renting it due to the odd few times a family member came to visit, Rosa was informed that going the AirBnB route meant she could pick and choose when the flat was available – win win!

However, true to form, Rosa’s granny flat looks like a shrine to the 70s and hasn’t been occupied in well over a year, if the thick layer of dust coating the plastic furniture covers is anything to go by.

But she doesn’t really trust a stranger to take care of the delicate fabrics of her revoltingly ugly out of date furniture anyway, and this way, she can simply Glen20 the plastic for each tenant! 

Calling her grandson smack bang in the middle of his work day, Rosa requests that he comes over to ‘take some photos to send to AirBnB’ and to specify in the advert that no students or fornicating couples should apply.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey