Nikita Tszyu Rushes Home From Fight To Watch Latest Episode Of Attenborough’s Prehistoric Planet — The Betoota Advocate

Nikita Tszyu Rushes Home From Fight To Watch Latest Episode Of Attenborough's Prehistoric Planet — The Betoota Advocate


The dark horse of Aussie boxing continues to surprise fans today, as Nikita Tszyu makes it clear that the lavish lifestyle commonly associated with champion fighters is not for him.

Both Nikita and the prodigal brother Ben Horn put on a stellar six round scrap in Sydney last night, after “The Butcher” put away his last two opponents within eight minutes of ring time.

Despite entering the ring as the clear favourite, Nikita had to wait for the judges to give him the nod, after a hard-headed Horn was still landing punches after copping it through 6 rounds and 93 body shots.

However, it was after the post-match interviews where fans got a real insight into the twisted mind of the third Tszyu, whose own brother likens him to Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic ‘Joker’.

As the crowds dispersed to afterparties and Ben Horn headed backstage in the Horden Pavillion to numb his battered body with ice cold tins of XXXX Gold, crowds noticed that a blacked-out Mercedes van was ushered through to the side exit of the venue – to transport to match winner back home to Rockdale.

The entire Tszyu camp were then escorted through the tunnels by security, to ensure that Nikita was home in time to watch the latest episode of his favourite new David Attenborough programme Prehistoric Planet.

Prehistoric Planet is a five-part series that showcases the life of prehistoric creatures and their environments in Cretaceous time, narrated by the dulcet tones of British doco-royalty David Attenborough.

Sources close to Nikita Tszyu claim the young fighter is absolutely fascinated with learning how the Tyrannosaurus rex navigated through parenting, as well as the trove facts detailing all of the ancient beings of the sea and sky, this is a show that’s sure to fascinate.

“He was hanging out for the Ice World ep, and apparently told himself that he could only watch it if he won the fight,” explained one of Nikita’s inner circle.

“He woudln’t stop banging on about pachyrhinosaurus, so as soon as the fight he was off to fire up episode four of the series.”

“Alone of course.”

“He got dropped off and then turned the lights down and told us to leave.”

“He certainly does do things his own way.”

Author: Stephen Bailey