New Wave Of Chef Dramas Fail To Include Any Rockabilly Joe Rogan Fans With No Drivers Licence — The Betoota Advocate

New Wave Of Chef Dramas Fail To Include Any Rockabilly Joe Rogan Fans With No Drivers Licence — The Betoota Advocate

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A new movie about the exotic creatures that are the world’s chefs has raised some interesting questions this week.

With the release of ‘The Menu’, a dark comedy that focuses on just how willing food snobs are to pay a premium for tiny morsels of painfully curated food delivered with some pretentious backstory – the world’s hospo staff have brought up some on issues on the portrayal of everyday life working in a gastro pub. 

That’s something they say is a fair bit less pristine uniforms and classical music, and much more Joe Rogan podcasts and nu metal.

While The Menu is a thrilling spiral into the wankiness of food culture in modern society, some have asked whether the new wave of chef dramas are failing to successfully shine a light on the Youtube researching rockabilly drink drivers who inhabit plenty of the nation’s kitchens. 

This comes just months after the internet was taken by storm by the sexy chef drama, The Bear, which had the world’s women talking about how badly they wanted the show’s leading character (a line cook) to butter them a sandwich. 

 That character was also known by the trope ‘sexually competent line cook’, which is characterised by a mop of dishevelled hair, dark eye circles likely from some form of dehydration, and random ink dotting some burned forearms.

As a result of the recent controversy caused by The Menu and the Bear, The Advocate spoke to a number of waitresses at one of CBD’s most popular pub dance floors, The Saggy Tit. 

“Yeah it’s definitely not like that here”, laughs head waitress, Steph Rathbone about the portrayal of The Menu’s Head Chef Ralph Fiennes and his restaurant. 

“They fail to capture the, ah, let’s just say rampant alcoholism and illegal activities.” 

“Which is maybe even more horrifying than the movie itself.” 

“Oh, and no one gets asked about whether they’d be interested in trying Elk meat if it was on the menu.” 

“Don’t get me started with the second in line cooks though,” she laughed. 

“Completely unhinged.”

“Always ready with a compliment though.”

“Which can be nice sometimes, depending on how it’s delivered.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey