Nation’s Tradies Put Down The Tools To Celebrate Annual Invoicing Day — The Betoota Advocate

Nation's Tradies Put Down The Tools To Celebrate Annual Invoicing Day — The Betoota Advocate


Small and medium-sized residential worksites across the country are at least one man down today, as the nation’s tradies put down the tools to celebrate the annual post-tax-return computer blitz.

Celebrated on the 1st of July every year, The Annual Invoicing Day is a moment for reflection for blue collar workers – as they look back at the financial year that was, and begin chasing up all of the cash that they let wait until they had a clean slate with the taxman.

It’s the reason every self-employed tradesman is currently sitting in front of their desktops, trying to recall the dates and scale of the big jobs.

Local builder, Tommy Ainsley (48) says that there’s a lot to celebrate today.

Not only the wave of cash that’s expected to come through over the next fortnight, but also the fact that he’s manage to dodge the emails of different customers who have been angling to write off some cash of their own.

“Mate they came knocking.” he laughs.

“Every avenue possible. Text, email, missed calls. I’ve been ducking these bastards from all angles”

As Tommy points out, invoicing before today would have seen him flushed with cash that was just sitting there for the taxman to pick a part. So, like every other tradie in the country, he’s decided to bump it til today.

“That way I can start renos on my own house next month and write them off as training for the apprentices”

“Maybe a new luxury work ute for my nephew”

“Or I could even over-order some pool fencing panels by about 100 metres.”

“Keep that shit in my garage for a few cashies come Summer”

“I just wouldn’t have been able to do that if the cash came through yesterday.”

Tommy says Annual Invoicing Day is a crucial element to running a business in this economy. And anyone acting within the spirit of Australian tax law would wanna get their heads read.

And like any other cunning business owner, Tommy isn’t going to fuck around waiting any longer than July 1.

“Yeah I know it’s obnoxious to hit them up the moment the clock struck midnight” he says.

“But that’s just how it goes mate.”

“I’m not in the business of buying submarines”

Author: Stephen Bailey