Nation That Used To Watch Their Premier’s Daily Conferences Now Shrugging At 33,000 Cases A Day — The Betoota Advocate

Nation That Used To Watch Their Premier's Daily Conferences Now Shrugging At 33,000 Cases A Day — The Betoota Advocate


The country of Australia is today proving that 12 months can be an awfully long time.

Less than a year after millions of people were gluing themselves to TV’s, phones and computer screens every day to watch spicy cough related press conferences, the nation is now shrugging at the state of things.

With 33,000 cases being reported every day on average (meaning there are likely at least double that), 2022 is a far cry from the time when everyone would hush up because the Premiers were on.

Despite religiously watching the daily revelation of cases, outbreaks, and clusters for the better part of 18 months, those who can physically afford to have seemingly given up on caring about the devastating global pandemic.

With thousands being hospitalised every day, health experts are trying and failing to warn people to take caution amidst this third wave.

However, as French Quarter young professional Sophie Quinn explained to us, she’s ‘kind of tuned out.’

“Yeah, I used to hang out for the magic number every day, the cluster details, changes to rules and regulations, the mudslinging at the incompetent federal government,” Quinn explained.

“But I just got fatigued, and then it all seemingly got away on us, so I tuned out.”

“I didn’t even realise we were up at 33,000 cases a day,” said the woman who is lucky enough she has a body that’s been able to handle the virus.

“Yeah, I had it a few months ago now, so I’m still bulletproof,” laughed the young lady who doesn’t were a mask anymore because she doesn’t legally have to.

“This is just the new reality, I’ll go into hiding before my holiday in a month’s time, but other than that, I’m plowing on.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey