Mate Just Go The Works I Reckon — The Betoota Advocate


A recent report by everyone in your local takeaway shop, and everyone waiting back at home, reckons that you will definitely not regret shelling out an extra 3 bucks for the works.

This nearly universal sentiment comes after centuries of trial and error found that, unless you’re a vego, or you’re fasting ahead of a blood test, or you’re realllly tight on coin, there is literally not one reason for you to order a normal beef burger.

And by ‘The Works’ we obviously mean tinned beetroot, a fried egg that has been cooked on top of a square of cheese, shredded lettuce, onion, a dense serving of bacon – and last but not least, a circle of tinned pineapple – all drenched in tomato sauce.

In a world full of American style cheese and peri peri chicken, the works remains undefeated as the superior burger.

The moist combination of sweet, savoury and tangy – merging tropical fruits and grilled Australian beef – is not only the ideal option for a I’m-feeling-like-something-bigger-than-usual smoko – but also a ‘not-sure-If-I’ll-get-the-chance-to-eat-later’ feed.

Both the general consensus, and your own internal dialogue, suggests mate just go the works I reckon.

Chips are optional, depending on how hungry you are. If keen, chicken salt is also manadatory.

But yeah, just go the works mate. No one is getting a plain beef burger. The fuk is that all about.

The same goes for a steak sanger. Unless it’s a steak sanger that prides itself on the relish and caramelised onions.

Author: Stephen Bailey