Mate Avoiding Pub in July Asks GroupChat Who Wants To Hit Up Indoor Mini-Golf — The Betoota Advocate

Mate Avoiding Pub in July Asks GroupChat Who Wants To Hit Up Indoor Mini-Golf — The Betoota Advocate


A local bloke’s offer of non-alcoholic related socialising has been left on read this afternoon, after hitting up his mates for a round of indoor mini-golf.

Two weeks into his stint of Dry July, The Advocate understands Senior Account Manager James Westinghouse has dropped a suggestion to set up a boys night at “Ace Holes”, the new mini-golf joint located in the recently converted bread factory.

Staring into his third Friday night attempting to avoid the pub, it’s believed James was inspired to send a series of desperate messages into his all male group chat, aptly named ‘Froth Munsters’.

“Hey boys, thinking of hitting up that mini-golf joint tonight, who’s keen?” wrote James, dying for any of his nine mates to join him.

“I found a coupon that gets us two for one…” he wrote three minutes later after no response.

“They’ve also got pinball machines and free popcorn for any of us that still have our student card,” he pleaded, after a full 12 minutes of radio silence.

Sitting by his phone desperate for a reply, it’s believed Jame’s cries for help have been vanquished, after a series of phone pings indicated that the GroupChat was back to regular pub related programming.

“Race 6 at Doomben, jump on #5 Percy’s Pecker,” typed Brodie Asquith, the group’s degenerate gambler.

“Shud we start at the Impy tonight, they’re doing Happy Hour til 7,” wrote Jayden, the group’s lead piss head.

“I’m out boys, taking Jess to see Elvis tonight – might cyas out later…” typed Brock Dowell, a popular mate renowned for late spontaneous arrivals.

Sighing in defeat as he leaned back on the couch, James is believed to have swapped over to his preferred dating app in search of a companion looking for an alcohol free evening.

After floating the offer of mini-golf to a number of potential matches, James told The Advocate there was something wrong with his phone signal. “Not sure what’s going on, no one wants to reply to me all tonight!”

Author: Stephen Bailey