Marrickville Hipster Becomes New Owner Of Albo’s Old True Religion Jeans After Lucky Op-Shop Find — The Betoota Advocate

Marrickville Hipster Becomes New Owner Of Albo's Old True Religion Jeans After Lucky Op-Shop Find — The Betoota Advocate

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One of Albo’s constituents has become the lucky new owner of his old True Religion jeans after finding them for sale in an Enmore Op-Shop.

The boot-cut straight-leg fashion statement had the Prime Minister’s name written in the label, right next to the $349 price tag.

It’s unclear at the moment how the once-favourite wardrobe item of Mr Albanese’s made its way to the trendy second-hand clothing emporium but for Marrickville resident Wanda Harbinger, that part doesn’t matter.

“I’ve been looking for a pair of maternity jeans,” she said.

“And these jeans are perfect. I can put elastic in the sides of them no problem. There so roomy.”

For close to two decades, there wasn’t a casual public engagement where Albo was not seen wearing a pair of True Religion jeans. In 2004, he was often seen sporting a True Religion demin jacket to match his jeans.

The Advocate reached out to The Office of the Prime Minister for comment and received a short but telling reply.

The Prime Minister confirmed that he did own the jeans in question but refused to comment on them further.

“I have well and truly put my True Religion days behind me,” he said.

“Sure, I used to ride my Razor scooter down to the Red Rattler to see a band. Sure. Wearing my old True Religion jeans, I was. What you say about the jacket is also true. Mind the pun,”

“Obviously, I can’t wear them now. Firstly, because I need people to take me seriously because I’m the Prime Minister. Secondly, because I’ve lost a lot of weight and if I wore them now, it’d look like I was walking about down in some sort of denim sarong,”

“A bad look. But yeah, I do miss those days sometimes. Now, it’s just Country Road and Academy Brand. I’ve become one of those corporate johnny poons you see on the light rail.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey