Manly Coach Des Hasler Orders Mandatory Screening Of ‘Philadelphia’ After Pride Round Drama — The Betoota Advocate

Manly Coach Des Hasler Orders Mandatory Screening Of ‘Philadelphia’ After Pride Round Drama — The Betoota Advocate

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The silvertails of the NRL are in crisis talks today, after their own players pushed back against playing with certain symbols on their jerseys.

It’s not alcohol or predatory online gambling logos that has caused this drama, but a strip of rainbow colours aimed at showing solidarity with gay people.

While the Manly Sea Eagles had hoped to use their ‘pride’ jersey join other progressive and gay-friendly brands like Rio Tinto, Uber and the NSW Police – it seems the players don’t want to take part in the performative neoliberal act of solidarity.

This religious pushback, which is likely caused by a whispering pastor who is weaponising devout footballers as a tool in the culture wars against the people who voted out Scott Morrison, has almost brought the ambulance chasers in Australian sports journalism to climax.

This drama has now filled a void left by covid-bubble violations, giving the media a lot more to work with now that they can’t shake footballers for going to the shops to buy some milk.

And it couldn’t have happened at a better time in the soap opera that is rugby league, as Manly find themselves fighting to claw back into the final eight against the Roosters,

There are six home-and-away rounds to play this season, before the finals dash begins. Most clubs would prefer to be playing these matches with their best players, even the ones that attend a church run by homophobic evangelicals with bleached teeth.

The Sea Eagles must name their team for Thursday night’s clash by 4pm today.

The club’s management team held an emergency meeting last night to take control of the fallout.

It’s a surprise for the club and the code itself, as a competition that prides itself on the imagery of post-match prayer circles – now suddenly realising that Christianity and the Pride Movement don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

However, with the young gay kids of the northern beaches in mind, it seems coach Des Hasler has today had to put his foot down, to mitigate anymore damage to the mental state of young gay people who have already had to deal with an entire election campaign listening to Katherine Deves.

Players have arrived at training today to be met with an old fat back TV strapped to the trolley.

Des knows the boys love Denzel, and he hopes maybe Denzel can be the man that helps deliver this important message of exclusivity and equality.

He orders the boys to huddle around presses play on the VCR. The dulcet tones on Bruce Springsteen vibrates through the sheds.

‘In the streets of Philadelphia’

Author: Stephen Bailey