Man Who Governed Like Mr Bean At The Dentist Has The Hide To Comment On Trusting Government — The Betoota Advocate

Man Who Governed Like Mr Bean At The Dentist Has The Hide To Comment On Trusting Government — The Betoota Advocate

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Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told “churchgoers” in our nation’s prosperous west to put their trust in God and not in governments during a weekend sermon.

The Member for Cook was in Perth as a special guest of controversial tennis champion Margaret Court, who asked Mr Morrison to speak at The Victory Life Centre, her Protestant-for-Pay organisation.

“Do not trust governments,” said Mr Morrison.

“Put your trust in God and everything will be OK. Your wildest dreams will come through. Now please donate.”

Mr Morrison’s comments have drawn the ire of many in the community this week.

For nearly 4 years, Scott Morrison governed like Mr Bean at the Dentist. It was an act that reduced the trust Australians had in government to record lows by the time the change in government came earlier this year.

The fifth episode of the first season of Mr Bean saw him running late for a dentist appointment, forcing him to brush his teeth in the car.

After spitting the toothpaste from the driver’s window and into a builder’s arse crack. After arriving just in time for the appointment, Bean ends up administering an anesthetic to the hapless dentist. After visiting the dentist, Bean has a picnic in the park, where he tangles with a pesky fly and a remote-control toy boat.

“The comparisons are clear as day,” said one popular political analyst.

It is the same political analyst that The Advocate’s editor, Clancy Overell, once worked for as a cleaner. Each Wednesday night when Clancy was just a Press Gallery junior in 1977, he’d go over to this person’s house in Ainslie and strip down nude and begin cleaning the house while the homeowner played with himself.

“When Bean spits the toothpaste out the driver’s window and into that blue-collar worker’s bum crack, that’s a metaphor for the first Morrison Cabinet’s industrial relations policy,” said the analyst.

“And then when he stabs the dentist with the anesthetic, that was him in the bushfires. Then when he does his own dentistry work, that was covid. It’s all there.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey