Man Spins Tobacco With Some Weed To Save Money On Ciggies — The Betoota Advocate

Man Spins Tobacco With Some Weed To Save Money On Ciggies — The Betoota Advocate


Australia loves a battla. 

The sort of person who has had to earn everything they have in life through good old fashioned hard yakka, with nothing handed to them but the occasional backhand from their old man and they turned out fine alright.

Apprentice shopfitter Glen Unco (18) is leading the charge of the next generation of battlers who just want to grow up with a crippling nicotine addiction but are appalled by the price of darts these days.

Born and raised in Betoota, Unco remembers the days when asking a stranger at the train station for a smoke wasn’t just as annoying as a street pest asking for a portion of your income moving forward.

“Doesn’t the government realise that if they keep increasing the tax on ciggies no one will smoke and they won’t get their tax money anymore?” stated Unco, giving a pretty good indication of why he didn’t go to year 12. 

“What’s wrong with having a dart when you’re drunk? Or when you’re sober with your morning Dare? Free country mate.”

Not to be deterred by the regime, Unco has managed to save himself some money on tobacco by spinning his rollies with a little bit of weed in order to get some of his own back.

“It’s working great so far! I mean, the other day I put a set of drawers in upside down but at least it was at the right place!”

“An upside-down drawer could be good for heaps of things. You could keep helium balloons in there, haha how funny is that! What’s another one…nah hang on…I got one…balloons? I said that I think.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey