Man Leaving Court All Of A Sudden Worried About Spreading Germs And The Glare — The Betoota Advocate

Man Leaving Court All Of A Sudden Worried About Spreading Germs And The Glare — The Betoota Advocate

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A local man left court today after being convicted of a reprehensible offence that saw him narrowly avoid a custodial sentence according to the magistrate.

Leaving Betoota Magistrates Court this afternoon convicted of public nuisance and a string of obscenity chargers, Dale John Clark of Betoota Heights appeared to be especially conscious of spreading germs and the glare as he left the courthouse.

He was seen making the short walk from the court to a waiting Ford Territory wearing an oversized disposable face mask and a pair of service station sunglasses.

The court heard Mr Clark attending the Railed Chimp Inn in the Old City District on December 13 where after being refused service, he proceeded to urinate into his schooner glass in front of horrified bistro customers and security.

Witnesses told the court that Mr Clark threatened the publican and two bar staff with the schooner before declaring that “if they weren’t going to give him any more piss, he’d be forced to BYO”.

Moments after saying that, Mr Clark proceeded to drink his own urine.

Security asked him again to leave shortly after he finished the entire schooner glass of his own urine. Mr Clark refused.

Police attended the premises and Mr Clark was arrested and charged with a number of offences before being transported to the watch house, where police records indicate he received the traditional welcome.

A light flogging was performed on Mr Clark by police, which was accordance with the legislation. There is no indication that Queensland Police did not stay within the guidelines that stipulate no teeth can be booted and no bones broken.

Mr Clark received a 24-month good behaviour bond and a $1700 fine for refusing to leave a licensed premises when asked.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey