Looks Like Both Of Them Are Coming Home — The Betoota Advocate

Looks Like Both Of Them Are Coming Home — The Betoota Advocate


In some breaking news from overseas, it can be confirmed today that football is in fact coming home.

Home of course being Australia, the large landmass above Tasmania down the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

This comes after Australia, the tiny nation of 25 million people managed to beat Tunisia in the Football World Cup and Wales in a critically important dead rubber end of year Spring Tour game.

Those two results have lead scientists to confirm that football is finally coming home.

Known as the spiritual home of the World Game AND the Game They Play in Heaven (aka Australia), it looks like both major codes are finally going to make their homecoming.

This follows a historic 3rd ever victory for Australia in a men’s World Cup, with a scintillating attacking display full of flair resulting in a 1-0 victory.

That victory came off the head of big Mitch Duke who found a way to nod the ball into the back of the onion bag, before the even bigger Harry Souttar made a clutch tackle with just minutes to go.

With Australian sports fans going nuts about an Australia victory, on a Saturday night in prime time, the Wallabies found a way to keep the good times rolling by getting it done over perennial losers Wales.

The never in doubt victory was sealed by a 79th minute try to reserve hooker Lachie ‘Nos’ Lonergan – confirming the long held theory that football is coming home.

While the Socceroos will be winning the FIFA World Cup in just a couple of weeks, Aussie fans will unfortunately have to wait nearly a year for the Rugby World Cup to come home.

However, when it does, The FIFA World Cup, The The Rugby World Cup, The Rugby League World Cup (Mens and Womens) and The Women’s Cricket World Cup will be home.

As well as the FIFA Women’s World Cup which Sam Kerr will be lifting in roughly a year as well.

Not a bad time to be an Aussie sports fan.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey