Lone Educational TikTok Makes Up For The Millions That Stole Your Time — The Betoota Advocate


A grain of knowledge has done its bit to tip the scales of ignorance this week as one educational TikTok has made up for the millions of others that stole your time. 

The Simpsons of Gen Z, TikTok is a short form video hosting service that you already know about regardless of whether you use the app or not.

Over its six years of operation, TikTok has been used to share footage from warzones, give platforms to marginalised people and spread borderline psychotic video trends that make up 90% of the hosted content.

And yet that time may not have been spent in vain as a random educational TikTok has provided some respite from the attention-span-shortening pokie-esque scroll of casual doom.

“Dude, did you know sea monkeys are a species of shrimp?” said TikTok user Jules Chad, who must have previously thought sea monkeys were just little monkeys.

“I saw a TikTok about it, it was educational but sort of fun. Can definitely use that knowledge next time sea monkeys come up in conversation or at work.”

Although edutainment TikTok was previously thought to be something one got ‘stuck in’, users like Chad have come to appreciate the crumb on knowledge that comes with the loaf of stitches, proclamations of love for corn and America’s Next Top Model clips that show how cooked that show really was.


Author: Stephen Bailey