Local Immigrant White Enough To Be An ‘Expat’ — The Betoota Advocate

Local Immigrant White Enough To Be An ‘Expat’ — The Betoota Advocate


An Brit making a home for himself overseas is delighted to learn that he is white enough to be a productive expat instead of an “economy-draining” immigrant – who fills vital labor shortages.

Linton Breville (34) a somewhat ambiguous man from the UK made the move out here to Betoota a few weeks ago, with plans of working in a recruitment agency before figuring his shit out.

Although Breville would have previously considered the people like himself ‘immigrants,’ the local Brit is not allowing locals to be little him, referring to himself as a ‘British expat’.

“Yeah, well, immigrants are from overseas,” stated Breville when asked about why he identified as an expat instead of an immigrant.

“Whereas I’m a whitey from a white country, ergo, expat.”

“I don’t make the rules. I just enforce and benefit from them.”

An abbreviation of the term ‘ex patriot’ it has long been acknowledged but never said out loud that expat is a term reserved for white members of the western world who want to live in another country but need a word that is a little more elevated.

“Doesn’t immigrant sort of suggest you were moving somewhere for a better life? Not to be rude, but expat kind of implies you took a step down.”

Author: Stephen Bailey