Local Girlfriend Gets Caught “Researching” Cam Murray On Instagram During National Anthem — The Betoota Advocate

Local Girlfriend Gets Caught “Researching” Cam Murray On Instagram During National Anthem — The Betoota Advocate


A revived footy fan is studying up on the pre-game form guide this evening, after catching the eye of a foxy NRL star.

With kick off night far away, local woman Carly Carrigan was seen sneaking out her phone to go for a little scroll.

After watching the Channel 9 camera pan across the starting 13 players for the NSW Blues, it’s understood Carly asked her partner for the details of a certain blue eyed forward, who’s gorgeous high cheekbones could rival those of a Paris Fashion week model.

“Who’s that one?” exclaimed Carly.

“Didn’t we see him in Bondi last time we were down in Sydney?” she added less excitedly, in an effort to hide the fact she was very keen for a stalk.

“He’s a fucking Rabbitoh,” responded her boyfriend Brent, a rusted Queenslander who’d love nothing more than to watch his favourite player Felise Kaufusi break Cam’s nose with a swinging elbow.

Scrolling deep into his profile to check out a few of Cam’s recent playing stats and stopping frequently to admire his flawless smile and lusty broad shoulders, Carly confirmed to our reporter that in her eyes Cam is a certified “tall glass of water”.

Putting on the social media snorkel and diving as deep as Cam’s pre-NRL days, it’s understood Carly was hypnotised into a state of unbridled lust, thanks to the player’s perfectly symmetrical brow line.

Unaware that her boyfriend had begun to peer over her shoulder, Carly was startled out of her state by her unimpressed partner.

“Jesus Carly, if you’re going to fantasise about a footballer at least make it a Queenslander…” replied Brent.

“Here, what do you think of this guy, Kalyn Ponga!”

Nodding in approval at the site of Ponga’s Angelina Jolie-esque lips, Carly’s believed to have begun typing into the search bar.

“Oooh yeah, he looks a bit arty, how do I spell Kalyn?”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey