Local Girl Uses Long Winded Photo Dump To Sneak In Soft Launch of New Fella — The Betoota Advocate

Local Girl Uses Long Winded Photo Dump To Sneak In Soft Launch of New Fella — The Betoota Advocate


In breaking news from Betoota’s dating scene, it’s believed local events manager Olivia Sanders might have found herself a new bloke.

The Advocate understands that group chats were firing across the Diamantina last night, as the rumour mill hit overdrive due to a long winded photodump posted by the popular girl who’s had a turbulent string of flings over the past year.

The post, which has been seen by our reporter, appeared to be an expertly curated photodump of content teasing out what the last few months of her life has been like.

The roll of images was reportedly kicked off with a wholesome selfie amongst friends followed by a sunset, a bowl of garlic bread, pictures of crowds at Harry Styles, a post-concert mirror selfie, another sunset, some vapes on an outdoor table before being finished off with a breathtaking landscape of a wine tasting event at McGurgan’s vineyard at Farrar’s Creek.

However amongst the images and hidden deep in the vineyards, local experts have spotted the outline of a bloke believed to be Tyler Simpson, the new physio in town who’s caught the attention of many ladies on the scene.

Speaking to a social insider and local gossip queen Kaylee Edwards (26), it’s believed Olivia and Tyler have been on and off dating for the past six months, but things are beginning to get pretty serious.

“I had to screenshot the image and send it into my group chat for a full forensic investigation, but I can almost certainly confirm it’s Tyler,” Kaylee told our reporter, “It’s defs his mullet!”

‘And apparently Olivia did her ankle at mixed touch at the end of last year so the timeline really matches up.”

Asked whether Betoota’s social scene was preparing to witness a hard launch, Kaylee said it was only a matter of time.

“I’m hearing they’re going pretty steady, but the proper launch must be dropping pretty soon,” admitted Kaylee.

“There’s a few engagement parties coming up and also Betoota Races, I’m keeping my eyes on it.”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey