Local Girl Uses Friend’s Lavish Engagement Party to Hard Launch New Boyfriend — The Betoota Advocate

Local Girl Uses Friend’s Lavish Engagement Party to Hard Launch New Boyfriend — The Betoota Advocate


A local Betoota girl has capitalised on a rather swanky engagement party, using the extravagant occasion to officially ‘Hard Launch’ her new boyfriend.

Backdropped by a 3-metre grazing table and the sounds of clinking Rosé glasses, The Advocate understands the very popular Olivia Sanders (26) was seen in an extensive photo shoot with new boyfriend Hugo Edwards, the hot physiotherapist who’s only recently arrived in the Diamantina.

In a social media post seen by our reporter, Miss Sanders took to Instagram over the weekend to upload the first full-blown couples happy snap, standing alongside Mr Edwards and an art easel sign that read, “Welcome to the Engagement of Tahnee and Aaron”.

Speaking to an anonymous source in attendance at the affair, it’s reported Miss Sander’s extensive hogging of the official ‘social media wall’ perturbed many at the occasion.

“Sure we’re all stoked to see them all loved up, but you can tell that she didn’t really give a shit about Tahnee and Aaron and their big day,” said Attendant X.

“She spent 20 minutes trying to get the perfect photo and I wouldn’t be surprised if she skipped the father of the bridge speech and snuck away to the bathrooms to get the caption and hashtags right.”

The Advocate can confirm Miss Sanders accompanied the rather staged photo with the caption “Congrats to my besties Tahnee and Aaron! As for this one, don’t get any ideas… #lovedup”

The caption also featured a winky face emoji, as well as a Geotag to the Betoota Golf Club, which was pretty redundant considering everyone in town can recognise that god awful stretch of maroon striped carpet.

Flooded with a stream of likes and supportive comments from local gossip Queen’s, Miss Sanders is believed to have already cracked 200 likes from her 1003 followers, at a rather impressive strike rate of 20%.

The Advocate also reached out to Mr Edwards for his opinion on the photo, however the new love interest was too busy stuffing his face with gourmet sausage rolls.

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey