Local Girl Horrified New Boyfriend Thinks Tea Towels and Face Washers Can be Used Interchangeably — The Betoota Advocate


A local girl is questioning the longevity of a new relationship this evening, after coming to terms with the fact her boyfriend might in fact be a grub.

Staring in horror at the kitchen sink, it’s reported Betoota Heights local Sara Tamlee-Johnstone (29) spotted one of her prized face washers hanging off the handle of her kitchen taps.

After inspecting the soaked fabric of the oat cream face washer from Sheridan, and realising that it had indeed been used as a sponge-like implement to do the dishes, Sara reportedly took on some further investigation and travelled to her bathroom.

Peering into the newly renovated shower space, it’s reported Sarah’s greatest fears were actualised after spotting an old Kmart tea towel hanging off the shower head.

Littered with stains of coffee and curry, Sarah was truly baffled by the idea that her new boyfriend thought it was possible to use a cloth that is sometimes used to wipe up dog shit spills, as a body scrubber.

“Callum… can you come here please…?”, Sara yelled out from across the hall.

“We need to chat, like now!”

“Yeah what?” thuggishly responded Callum, from the comforts of the lounge where he had been tucking into the evening’s episode of NRL 360.

Bumbling down the hallway like an obese toddler, Callum’s huffing was soon met with equal disdain as he came up against a highly unimpressed girlfriend.

“Have you been using my facewasher as tea towels!”, cried Sarah.

“Umm, I mean they’re the same thing aren’t they, I can never tell which one is which,” dimly replied Callum.

Staring horrified, Sarah begin to calculate why she had only very recently been on the receiving end of a rather unfortunate pimple outbreak on her forehead and chin.

Trying to calm his furious partner, Callum tempered the occasion with an insight into his rigorous cleaning schedule.

“I mean I still clean em’ like every two weeks or so, I always reckon it all comes out in the wash…”

More to come.

Author: Stephen Bailey